Aeroponic Turbo Garden System

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Botanicare’s® Turbogarden provides an effective automated method for delivering optimal levels of water, nutrients, and oxygen to your plants. You’ll get rapid growth rates, higher yields, increased nutritional value, and heightened fragrances and flavors in a 2′ x 3′ space.

A high-pressure mist sprays the cuttings and roots appear within days. Root up to eight plants at a time.

Each system comes equipped with a large reservoir ( 25 gallon) that you fill with your favorite liquid nutrient solution. Using the Turbogarden Aeroponic System internal microjets spray the plant roots with a high pressure mist allowing for aggressive growth rates due to the high levels of oxygen. Roots grow out of the net pots and are suspended in mid air allowing gardeners to inspect the overall health of the entire plant.

To maintain the Turbogarden, simply top off water, add nutrients at one quarter strength, adjust pH to 6.0 and change reservoir every few weeks.

Weight 70.1 lbs
Dimensions 38.5 x 20.5 x 23.5 in

22" x 36"

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