GH Diamond Black Liquid


For optimal growth, your plants need more than key nutrients. They need to be able to absorb those nutrients, too. That’s what makes Diamond Nectar a true gem.

Formulated with humic acid, Diamond Nectar accelerates nutrient absorption through every part of a plant’s roots in a natural process called mineral chelation. This allows the acid to take hold of heavier minerals that plants wouldn’t be able to uptake naturally. By transporting them into plant tissue, Diamond Nectar strengthens the plant while promoting faster growth and larger yields.

Chelation Station
Diamond Nectar is extracted from naturally mined Leonardite, a natural form of humates that occurs between layers of clay, preventing other minerals and impurities from leeching into the Leonardite layer.

Acting as a chelator, Diamond Nectar makes micronutrients more available and increases absorption and transportation of vital plant nutrients. The supplement also fosters microbial growth and aids soil development, so you can see benefits throughout your growing space.

The addition of Diamond Nectar to both soil-based and soilless gardens is beneficial to crop growth and development. In hydroponic setups, the supplement encourages coexistence of a complex blend of microorganisms, compounds and substances for a successful system.

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