Centurion Pro Gladiator


Wet and dry trimmer. Trims 32-40 lbs dry (160-200 lbs wet) per hour. Replaces 40-50 human trimmers.

Quantanium or Electropolish

  • Quantanium – Non-Stick, Coated Tumbler
  • Electropolish – Non-Coated, 304 Stainless Steel

Wet or Dry

  • Wet – You trim your product directly after pulling your plants down
  • Dry – You trim your product after drying and curing




The CenturionPro Gladiator is the highest volume-per-hour automated trimming machine in the world. This industrial harvesting machine does the work of over 40 human labor’s without sacrificing quality, making it an incredibly powerful tool for any commercial operation. This machine works with both wet and dry flowers and will harvest 32-40lbs dry (160-200lbs wet) per hour of use.  The most distinctive features of the Gladiator is the side-by-side tumbler technology. This beast comes equipped with two 21″ cutting reels, two Quantanium coated non-stick tumblers and an industrial strength 4hp leaf collector system with over 3000 CFM of suction power. Therefore, you are essentially getting 2 machines for the price of one of the competitors.

The engineers at CenturionPro Solutions believe the side-by-side tumbler technology is far superior to running these machines end to end long wise. These flowers are delicate so it is best to get them in-and-out of the machines as soon as possible. This belief minimizes the amount of agitation (and damage) required to obtain a precise clean cut. High-quality north American cutting components utilized by Centurion make it possible to achieve this clean-cut with only one pass negating the need to attach these machines end to end which takes away from the quality of the flowers due to the excessive agitation needed when travelling twice the distance.

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