Centurion Pro Tabletop


Wet and dry trimmer. Trims 3-4 lbs dry (15-20 lbs wet) per hour. Replaces 6 human trimmers.

Quantanium or Electropolish

  • Quantanium – Non-Stick, Coated Tumbler
  • Electropolish – Non-Coated, 304 Stainless Steel

Wet or Dry

  • Wet – You trim your product directly after pulling your plants down
  • Dry – You trim your product after drying and curing




The CenturionPro Tabletop is the smallest most efficient tumble style trimmer in the world. This machines sits at a trim 24″ in length,  10″ width and 21″ in height. Weighing only 35 lbs, this trimmer is the epitome of elegant engineering at its finest. Built for the connoisseur who admires the finer things in life, the Tabletop is designed as the most delicate yet powerful trimming machine on the market today.

Despite its miniature stature, the Tabletop Pro can easily replace up to 6 human trimmers without sacrificing quality. This trimmer currently ships worldwide to small growers who demand quality, durability and privacy.  This machine works with both wet and dry flowers, harvesting 5-7 lbs dry (30-35 lbs wet) per hour of use.  The Tabletop Pro runs completely off 120v power and comes with a strong 1hp leaf collector with 1800 CFM of suction power.

Another quality of the Tabletop Pro is the ease of keeping the blade clean. Unlike any other brand on the market, The CenturionPro Tabletop employs a magnetic blade holding technology. This makes life easy by allowing for a five minute clean-up during operation. Thanks to the 5 Toro hardened steel blades in the reel, the Tabletop can make up to 20,000 cuts per minute. In addition, the D2 hardened blade bar ensures the machine has a consistently sharp, clean cut and that it operates at a rapid pace. This machine also comes with Centurion’s standard extra large hopper to make consistent feeding of the machine easier.

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Weight125 lbs
Dimensions44 x 29 x 40 in

Dry, Wet



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