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Magic Green is a foliar spray used to increase vitality and ensure your plants get the nutrients they need for a successful flowering period. Use on rooted sprouts, cuttings and mother plants up to once a week during the growth cycle and until the third week of the flowering cycle.

250 mL bottle.



  • Will nourish your plants from the outside in, helping to green-up plants in all phases of growth.
  • Provides nutrients to the plants through the leaves instead of the root zone.
  • Foliage will turn to a vibrant, dark green colour and a waxy layer will form on the leaves.
  • Allows for better absorption of key nutrients and helps protect the leaves.
  • Manufactured using the highest quality ingredients.


  • Apply Magic Green just after the lights have been switched off. Do not apply while grow lights are on.
  • Do not use Magic Green once buds have begun to form. It can be very dangerous to introduce excess moisture directly to your plants buds.
  • Use 5-10 mL/L of spraying solution.
  • Use Magic Green only for the first three weeks of the flowering cycle.
  • Apply 1 to 2 times per week during the growth cycle.
  • Do not exceed two applications per week.
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