House & Garden Nitrogen N27%®


House and Garden’s Nitrogen 27 is carefully formulated to provide plants with optimal levels of nitrogen during their vegetative cycle. Nitrogen plays a key role in many processes and is used by the plant to form proteins, hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and chlorophyll.

1 Litre bottle.



  • Promotes vigorous plant growth, increasing seed and fruit production and improving the size and quality of the overall harvest.
  • Your garden will immediately look greener and healthier with the additional levels of nitrogen available to the plant.
  • Especially useful during long vegetative cycles.
  • Fights against nitrogen deficiencies.


  • Nitrogen 27 can be applied from the first week of vegetative growth until the third week of the flowering cycle.
  • Nitrogen 27 is extremely concentrated and overuse can burn plants and damage leaves.  Immediately flush plants with clean water at the first sign of nutrient burn.
  • First week apply at .25 mL/L.
  • Second week apply at .5 mL/L.
  • All following weeks apply at 1 mL/L.
Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 10 in

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