House & Garden Bud-XL®


House & Garden Bud-XL uses enzymes’ processes to extract sugars from the large bract for storage in the flowers of the plant. The addition of Bud-XL will result in larger more robust flowers, substantially improving yields.

Growers using Bud XL will also witness a significant increase in; colour, aroma, flavour and overall quality. This makes Bud-XL the perfect flower enhancer!




  • Increases overall yield and results.
  • Using House & Garden Bud-XL will ensure that the plant’s energy is no longer consumed maintaining the bract, but is directed into forming the flowers.
  • Bud XL provides a complete and balanced blend of specific enzymes in just the right amounts to ensure perfect enzyme activity and sustained maximum growth rates.


  • Start adding House & Garden Bud-XL to your plants after the first flower formations appear, visible increases in all facets of the plants flower development will be rapidly evident.
  • House & Garden Bud XL has been blended in a very high concentration and 1 ml/L is all that is required to achieve maximum results with this potent flower enhancer.
  • Bud XL was formulated in conjunction with House & Garden Top Booster, so to achieve the most significant results, it is recommended that Bud XL be applied in unison with Top Booster.
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